I’m a native of Colorado, born in 1981, and currently live near Denver. I’m self-trained, and I’ve spent my life learning how to draw and paint in any way I could. I’ve always been greatly inspired by the works of the old masters. Some of my fondest memories are the times I stood in front of the original pieces of my favorite painters, being in awe of the work and trying to decipher their techniques. Afterward, I would go home and immediately try out the new methods; later spending hours reading about the artists and their creations. I also marveled at the works of modern realists and how they could not only use old world ways, but cultivate those methods into something new and powerful. For years, I’ve been developing my techniques using what I’ve learned from these artists, past and present, so I can best articulate myself through my artwork.

I express many of my strongest thoughts and emotions through my work. My need to convey my adoration for what’s dear to me can be just as pressing as the compulsion to reflect upon the complexities of life and death. In my work, symbolism and finding deeper meaning play a very important role: an empty bowl can stand for hunger and need while having nothing; the glow of a facial expression, or the literal glow of light reflecting from skin, can represent love and life; the vibrant color of a specific element or subject can signify the brief happiness it made me feel. Meaning can also shift depending on the situation. Gray skies and fog can trigger a sense of foreboding, but at times can also bring about a sense of calm; a vase can sometimes be a vessel which sustains life or the container for the decay of something beautiful.

Finding beauty and meaning in the ordinary is something that I strive for in my work, because to me, life can be full of images, interactions, and moments that seem mundane, but upon deeper reflection, can become conduits that help us to tap into something deeper. I hope that my work can inspire others to look around their world and find the many treasures hidden in plain sight and to explore what significance it holds for them.

Recently, I was featured as an “Artist to Watch” in the October 2013 issue of Southwest Art Magazine. They did an excellent job at showcasing my work and allowing me to share my artistic processes.

I was also invited by the Albuquerque Museum to be a part of their 2014 “Miniatures and More” event. It was a great honor to have my work displayed for the foundation’s largest fundraiser and to support such an important cause.

Represented by Arts at Denver Gallery.